Depending on the apprenticeship offered, you can earn money while being trained on the job AND get qualifications including a degree, A-levels, NVQs, etc.

You don't need to be a tradesman if you don't want to, there are many different types of apprenticeship.

There are more apprenticeships available now than ever before.

The apprenticeship website is huge as it's for apprentices, employers, parents, colleges and more, so here are some sections you might be interested in if you just want a quick look:

Types of apprenticeship

Types of apprenticeships (industry sectors)

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Videos & Pics

Videos of interviews etc. & images in the media gallery

Search for an apprenticeship

Search for an apprenticeship in the local area by searching for Apprenticeship / East Sussex


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Frequently Asked Questions

The following PDF document from Connexions 360 contains a huge amount of information about apprenticeships including (and much more!):

  • What are apprenticeships?,
  • Who can be an apprentice?
  • Entry requirements?
  • How much do apprentices get paid?
  • Types and levels of apprenticeships available
  • How long is Apprenticeship?
  • Benefits of being on an Apprenticeship
  • Career progression
  • Apprenticeship Vacancies, an online service & other sources of Apprenticeship
  • Vacancies
  • Finding the right Training Provider
  • Tips for young people wanting to apply for an Apprenticeship, preparing for interviews & Financial Support
  • Useful Information, Materials and Resources including National case studies by sector, YouTube& My Future Sussex website

Look at the Connexions 360 apprenticeships document