The school is an academy within the Aquinas Church of England Education Trust (Aquinas). The responsibility for the oversight and management of all aspects of Aquinas rests with the Board of Trustees. The day to day management of Aquinas has been delegated by the Trustees to the Chief Executive Officer, Kathy Griffiths. The day to day operation of College has been delegated to the Executive Headteacher, Mr Barry Blakelock, and the Head of College, Mr Dominic Downes.

In order to assist the Executive Headteacher and Head of College, the Trustees of Aquinas have established a Rye Advisory Board (RAB) for Rye College. The members of the RAB are as follows:

  • Kathy Griffiths - CEO and Trustee of Aquinas. Educational background.
  • David Bridger - Trustee of Aquinas and Chair of the Aquinas Finance and Audit Committee. Financial and audit background.
  • Sue Mordecai - Trustee of Aquinas, Chair of the Aquinas Education Scrutiny Committee. Educational background.
  • Alan Powell - Education Consultant, Ofsted Inspector and former Headteacher. Educational background.
  • Jim Sharpe - Principal of East Sussex College.
  • Jeremy White - Parent elected member for Rye College.
  • Caroline Drummond - Parent elected member for Rye Community Primary School.
  • Barry Blakelock - Executive Headteacher of Rye College and Rye Community Primary School.
  • Andrew Ferguson - CFO of Aquinas and former lead executive for the Rye Academy Trust. Financial background.
  • Mary Capon - Director of Communication and Compliance at Aquinas. Legal background.

The RAB is delegated with certain responsibilities and powers are detailed in the terms of reference for the committee, as approved by the Aquinas Trustees. Details of the Terms of Reference can be found here.

Formerly, Rye College was a member of the Rye Academy Trust. Further information can be found by clicking here.

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