You could talk to your

  • parents
  • parent's friends
  • your friends
  • teachers

Online videos

Careers Box Recommended

Watch videos giving information about jobs on sites like Careers box (really good UK website with hundreds of videos about jobs)


It's quite hard to find relevant videos (and easy to get distracted!). Try searching for A day in the life of a.... You will probably find American jobs.

Government websites

Government departments usually have their own websites such as RAFNavyArmyDirectGov

Also, have a look on iCould and InfoCow

Company websites

Think of a company and search for it. Most large companies have a Jobs or Vacancies page

Job websites

Have a look on Job Seekers or look at commercial recruitment websites

Jobs4U Recommended

A careers database brought to you by Connexions Direct. Use the advanced search page or the A-Z search page.

My Future Starts Here

Visit the ever helpful My Future Starts Here website.

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