The aim of our ‘Choices at 14’ process is to ensure students and their families feel able to make informed choices about the qualifications they will be taking for the next two years. The resources will provide information on the Key Stage 4 Curriculum and the individual qualifications.

Please take the opportunities provided to discuss with colleagues the implications of choosing a subject as well as the importance of a broad and balanced curriculum. 

To support our students and families in choosing the qualifications to be studied during their Year 10 and 11, we have created the following resources or events:  

  • Our Choices at 14 booklet – provides detailed overview of the process, qualifications available and further relevant information. This will be emailed to all year 9 students and their families and is published on this page below; 
  • This Choices at 14 web page – will provide all of the latest information on our options process; 
  • Curriculum videos – available now on our website – provides specific detail relating to each qualification available; 
  • Year 9 Parents’ Evening on Wednesday 10th February will be an opportunity for families to talk directly to their children’s subject teachers. Here families can discuss the most appropriate choices based on known strengths; 
  • Option choices videos – these will be available on this page of our website by Friday 12th February. These will contain additional information how each subject will support students’ learning, desirable qualities that successful students have, and examples of student work and materials; 
  • Webinar on Wednesday 24th February 2021 at 6pm - hosted by Mr. D. Downes, Head of College and Mr. S. Rickard, Assistant Headteacher for Standards. Here, we will provide an informal overview of the importance of the process and an opportunity for families to ask questions. Invitations will be sent out in due course; 
  • Individual student interviews with Senior Teachers. Students, with their families where possible, will be interviewed by a Senior Teacher to discuss their choices after they have submitted their option choices. 

By the end of the process, students and their families should be clear about which qualifications choices are best suited to their aspirations for the future.  

Final preferences should be submitted via the online form by Friday 5th March 2021. Students will be emailed a link to this this form. This link will be sent to their school email address. The form can only be submitted once. 

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