Music Curriculum Intent 



At Rye College, we believe that Music is a crucial ingredient of a broad and balanced education, whether this be a means of providing students with the tools required to develop self-learning skills, creativity, confidence, self-expression or joy. As well as enabling students to develop our students' instrumental abilities, we also believe that a well-designed Music curriculum is an important vehicle for students to develop their understanding of technology that is so important in the modern world. As a result, we are passionate about providing students of all backgrounds with a Music curriculum that supports them in being able to express their emotions, thoughts and opinions, and helping to positively shape their views through the studies of a range of different cultures and societies across the world. By so doing, we aim to provide all of our students with a curriculum that supports life transforming learning for all.

To find further information on what you child will be learning in Music this year and for how you can support them, please visit their Year group page. 

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