Rye College views knowledge acquisition as life transforming. Each subject area has shaped their curriculum to empower all our children with rich, deep and powerful knowledge essential for creating their bright futures. Building upon our understanding of cognitive development and the principles of instruction, our curricula secure the development and retention of deep and powerful knowledge through a challenging exploration of the best that has been thought and said. Teaching is designed to secure and embed knowledge and understanding over time, increasing the student’s ability and capacity to respond, comprehend, question, evaluate and create. Furthermore, we value a word rich teaching environment where deep understanding of morphology and etymology of vocabulary enhance all of students’ learning and access to the curriculum. Consequently, we have invested considerable time developing subject specific word lists and increasing our staff’s ability to teach higher register vocabulary explicitly. 

There is no prescribed approach or expected structure to lessons at Rye College. However, there is a set of principles that underpin our approach to teaching and learning, and an expectation that teachers evaluate the impact of their teaching and constantly strive to secure rapid progress. We use Barak Rosenshine’s ‘Principles of Instruction’ as the underpinning for our approach to teaching. 

Our Curriculum

Rye College views knowledge acquisition as life transforming. Therefore, our curriculum:

  • Recognises the delivery of the National Curriculum as an entitlement for all;
  • Reflects the importance of closing the attainment gap in English and Maths;
  • Creates a passion for reading through the promotion of engaging high-quality literature;
  • Is knowledge rich to ensure equity regardless of socio-economic status or ability;
  • Provides a coherent curriculum offer through all the Rye settings;
  • Includes opportunities to draw upon unique links within the local community;
  • Draws upon the rich history and geographical location in which the school is placed.

If you require additional information about what we teach, contact the appropriate subject teacher through office@ryecollege.co.uk.

Curriculum Content

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