Students in Year 7 and 8 opted to join the Shakespeare workshop which was held in the hall on Wednesday 26th April and led by Mrs Leech and Mrs Potter.

During the day’s workshop our students learnt about many areas of Shakespeare’s work and most importantly developed their own performance using themes, stories and dialogue from a variety of plays.  Our students developed mime work, learnt lines and delivered speeches both as individuals and in group form. They showed great focus through the day and offered many exciting creative ideas.

At the end of the day the students in the workshop performed their creativity to Mr Gillespie, Ms Daines and invited students from a range of year groups. The performance moved through the famous All the world’s a stage speech, through the Tempest and its magical island, and the Witches of Macbeth to include rivals for the English crown and the nature of acting and the plays that have made Shakespeare famous.

It was highly productive and immensely enjoyable day- congratulations to all our students who took part.