The Green Farm Community Wildlife Vegetable Garden is a strategic resource for the Pearce Coggan Foundation, a charity dedicated to getting young people and people with special needs outdoors, active and understanding where their food comes from as well as conservation of the farmland and woodland with the objective of habitat improvement and species enrichment and for the whole of Green Farm Kent. The Community Garden forms a focal point for volunteers to improve their wellbeing through being active and outdoors. The Garden is within the setting of Green Farm with its holiday barn, spa and wellbeing weekends, where guests come to relax, unwind, enjoy the nature, exercise outdoors, walk in the woods, wander on the farm and stroke the animals. The commercial activities of Green Farm subsidise the charity.

The role of the Apprentice Horticulture Assistant is to work with the Community Wildlife Vegetable Garden Manager to drive both the development of the Community Garden and its use by volunteers, apprentices and visitors. You will also work in the gardens at Green Farm Kent, to widen your skills by helping them evolve and gaining experience managing more formal gardens. It is our aim that you will be given the opportunities you need to develop your skills and knowledge appropriate to your course during your apprenticeship.

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