2017 GCSE outcomes

Against the massive changes that have taken place within the qualification regime in England, Rye College has secured its excellent results. We have achieved a positive progress 8 score of 0.13 (2015-16 was -0.28). Progress 8 shows the performance of our students across 8 key subjects.

Our positive score places Rye College above average.

The new specifications in English and mathematics GCSE have introduced increasingly challenging content and expectations. Both subjects are now graded using the new 9-1 scale, where 9 is the highest. Grade 5 is considered a ‘strong’ pass while 4 is a ‘standard’ pass.

Rye College secured 63% standard passes for both English and Mathematics. This is in-line with the national average. 
We are very proud of our students, who worked exceptionally hard. Over 16% of our students attained over A grade (or equivalent) in their subjects.

Over two thirds gained 5 GCSEs at A*- C.

Over half of the students taking Art GCSE gained an A grade or above. This is an outstanding achievement for all those students and staff involved. Other subject areas where performance is above national averages, include: History, Performing Arts, Media Studies and Drama.

It is always difficult to single out individual students, however we would like to congratulate some of our best performers:

  • Felix Allsop
  • Daniel Lane
  • Ellie Bourne
  • Susannah Dighton-Brown
  • Joe Levett
  • Maizie Edwards
  • Nina Patterson
  • Michael Bunn
  • Tyler Williamson
  • Bradley Law
  • Aitana Wells-Ordonez
  • Tyler Williamson

NB: data correct at time of publishing


In 2017 examination outcomes cannot be compared to previous years. This is due to:

  • More challenging GCSE examinations being introduced in English and mathematics.
  • The grading for these two subjects has changed, moving from an A*-G scale to a 9-1 scale. Grade 4 is considered a Standard Pass and Grade 5 a Strong Pass.

Due to these changes it will be impossible to know if results in English and mathematics have gone up or down. For this reason 2017 is being called a ‘Year Zero’ and nobody is in a position to imply a rise or fall in results this summer.

We understand this will be a challenge for parents, as it is for all schools, employers and other educational establishments. However, we hope this will help everyone understand the significant changes that are taking place this year.

Here are some useful links which will provide you with more information:

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ASCL: GCSE Grading is Changing 2017: FAQs for students

Ofqual: New GCSE 9 to 1 grades coming soon

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You can also follow the GCSE Grades 9 to 1 page on Facebook.


Further information on the new grading system can be found on the Department of Education Website:https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-gcse-9-to-1-grades-coming-soon





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