Year 7 Engineering Vocabulary Bank

Terms 1 - 6
Design Brief, Research, Analysis, Initial ideas, Development, Testing, Evaluation. Ergonomics, Anthropometrics, Battery, Cell, Switch, Wires, Bulb, L.E.D. (light emitting diode), Resistor, V= Volts / Voltage, A = Amps / Amperage – Current, Ohms / Resistance, Aesthetics, Customer, Cost (profit), Environment, Sustainability, Sizes (Dimensions), Function and Materials, (ACCESSFM), Craft Knives, Safety Rule, Cutting matt, Coping saw, Files – (Round, Flat, Triangle, Half Round, Square), Glass paper.

Year 8 Engineering Vocabulary Bank

Terms 1 - 6
Input – Processor – Output, Bits, Bytes, Memory, mega, Kilo, Giga, Tera, Flowchart, Start / Finish = Terminator, Process, Action, Decision, Feedback, Sequencing, system diagrams, simulation, Micro-processor, Micro-controller, SCADA, PLC, HMI, GPIO, Isometric, One point perspective, Two point perspective, Tone shading, texture, shadow, scale, Parallel, Vanishing point = VP, Horizon / Horizontal, Vertical, Projection lines, Sketchup, CAD - Computer Aided Design, CAM – Computer Aided Manufacture.

Year 9 Engineering Vocabulary Bank

Terms 1 - 6
Review of ACCESSFM (as in y7), Design Brief, Research, Analysis, Comparative analysis, disassembly, Conformity to legislation and standards, Specification, Initial ideas, Isometric, Two point perspective, Annotation; Development, Testing, Evaluation, Ergonomics, Anthropometrics, Prototype, Risk Assessment, production plan, Sketchup, C.A.D. Computer Aided Design, CAM – Computer Aided Manufacture, Industrial methods, Injection Moulding, Vacuum forming, 3d printing, Laser cutting, CNC Milling, CNC Routing, CNC – Computer Numerically Controlled.

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