Year 7 Food Preparation & Nutrition Vocabulary Bank

Terms 1 - 6
Eatwell Guide, nutrients, food groups, Balanced Diet, fortified, energy balance, environment, food miles, fair trade, seasonal, hazard, food safety, hygiene, bacteria, cross-contamination, ingredients, utensils, emulsion, enzymic browning.

Year 8 Food Preparation & Nutrition Vocabulary Bank

Terms 1 - 6
Micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, nutritional analysis, carbohydrate, protein, calcium, dietary imbalance, consequences, staple foods, gluten, gelatinisation, sources of ingredients, food spoilage, temperature probe, temperature danger zone, chilled 5 o c, ambient 17-20 o c, frozen -18 to -21 o c, sources of ingredients, raising agents ( biological, mechanical, physical ), functions of ingredients, caramelisation, sustainability.

Year 9 Food Preparation & Nutrition Vocabulary Bank

Terms 1 - 6
Nutritional profile, key life stages, energy dense foods, calories, sensory analysis, special dietary requirements, food allergen, food intolerance, labelling, traceability, food provenance, farm assured, animal welfare, food standards, characteristics of ingredients, specification (SATSUMAS), aeration, shortening, coagulation, denaturation, dextrinization.

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