Applying to a college

There are a number of key events in place to support Year 11's with their college applications. These include assemblies, a transition evening. In addition to this all year 11 students will receive impartial advice and guidance through 1:1 careers interview with ‘My Trust’, and  specific careers related workshops with ‘My Future Starts Here’. Students will be given an action plan, identifying key points about what needs to be done to get the ball rolling with applications.

From September 2015 many colleges will be receiving applications online, through UCAS Progress. UCAS Progress is a centralised system that enables one application to be sent to a variety of establishments. Schools and the local authority are able to track applications and each students progress post 16. Information concerning UCAS Progress is sent to parents, and students will receive training on how to use the system.

Students should talk about  college applications with their parent / carer and get them to check  application for errors / spelling mistakes. Form Tutor can also help. If the application is not completed through UCAS progress, it should be completed by hand, and given to Mrs Miller in the LDC who will check it, photocopy it and ensure that any references are completed. She will then send off the application for you, and will keep track of who applies where.

All applications should ideally be completed by Christmas.

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