Year 10 & 11

Academic profiles are based on prior attainment in Key Stage 2 National Curriculum Tests. They are an estimate of how a student should perform in a particular subject when they take the final examination in Year 11. 

The academic profile will be shown as a GCSE grade (or equivalent). GCSE subjects use grades on a scale of 1 to 9: where 9 is the highest grade. Grade 4 is a standard pass, equivalent to a C grade under the legacy grading system. 

Projected grades are given by teachers to each student at each tracking point. It suggests what the student would likely get at the end of Year 11 based on all available assessment evidence, approaches to learning and homework. 

Year 7, 8 & 9

Our curriculum - what we expect students to know and learn throughout their time here at Rye College - focuses on building a student’s knowledge and their ability to apply that knowledge in meaningful ways. Through formative assessments, we will identify what your child knows/can do, what they need to know and do to move forward, and how to acquire/achieve that progression. Moreover, we will use this information when we feedback to your child and you.

The Rye College Key Stage Three report (above)

We will report on progress at least three time per year. The elements to the reports are as follows and will apply to all subjects:

  • Academic Profile: Every student will be provided with a profile. This will indicate, based on the student’s prior attainment, what GCSE grades are most likely to be achieved at the end of Year 11;
  • Expected K grade: This is the K grade that a student should be working at now in order to make the progress they need to meet their end of Year 11 Academic Profile;
  • Knowledge Mastery Stage: Using assessment evidence from the work of your child, teachers will indicate what mastery stage your child is at in their subject. Please refer to the table below for further information. For example, a student with an Academic Profile of 6/5 should achieve grades mainly 6s and some 5s at GCSE. If their mastery stage is K3, then they are in line with expectations. However, if the same student is tracked at K2 or K1, then they are below expectations and are not expected to meet their Academic Profile.
Knowledge Mastery Stage Profile Statement
K1 1-2 BASIC - The student has retained only part of the knowledge domain; key concepts are inconsistent or have not been mastered.
K2 3-4 DEVELOPING - The student has retained part of the curriculum; key concepts have not yet been mastered, although there are signs that they are becoming increasingly secure.
K3 5-6 SECURE - The key concepts that have been taught have been retained; the student knows and can recall the majority of the information that has been taught.
K4 7 MASTERY - The key concepts that have been taught have been retained; the student knows and can consistently recall the information that has been taught; they are operating significantly above being secure in their knowledge.
K5 8-9 SCHOLARSHIP - All key concepts that have been taught have been retained and are clearly now automatic; the student can recall the information that they have been taught. The student is able to create new ideas, adapt approaches and/or think originally about topics that they have been taught.


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