We have our own catering facility on site offering a wide variety of healthy food options. We provide for allergy sensitive and vegetarian diets. There is also a Food Cube that requires cash to purchase warm snacks during break times. Menu options are detailed below. 

Some children may prefer to bring sandwiches and supplement them with items from the cafeteria. Provision is made for all food to be eaten in the designated dining areas.

Cashless Catering

Rye College uses a cashless catering system.  This system has till terminals integrated into the catering facility.  The system is based on a five-digit numerical code.

How it works

We will issue the code to your child within the first few days of term, until then your child will be able to use money; if your child is entitled to Free School Meals, the canteen will be informed.

Your child then puts cash onto the system at whatever frequency you choose using their code to identify their account.  In the kitchen, having selected their choice of food, they enter their code and the account is debited the appropriate amount.

The benefits of a Cashless Catering System are:

  • Parents can ensure the money they give their child is used for lunch;
  • The speed of service is increased and queues are greatly reduced;
  • Students on free school meals use the free school meals allowance first;
  • Students carry cash less often;
  • Student diets can be improved and purchases can be monitored;
  • The caterers can analyse popular lines to assist in menu planning.


ParentPay is an option for payment of school lunches. Further details will be supplied at the beginning of term.

Further Information About Our Catering Provider Chartwells 

School Meals Menu

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