Our Curriculum and Enrichment provision for students who are identified as working at Greater Depth

The Rye Advance Programme is designed to ensure that those students who are identified as working at Greater Depth, either from Primary School, through their SATS, or through our own internal testing, have their learning needs met to make sure that they continue to advance throughout their time at Secondary School.

We have a Rye Advance class in each year and the Curriculum and teaching methods for these classes are adapted to ensure that there is depth, breadth, stretch and challenge for these students. The Rye Advance programme considers students working at Greater Depth in the practical subjects, such as PE, technology and the visual and performing arts as just as important as those working at this level in the classroom-based subjects.

Rye Advance students will follow the same curriculum as their peers.

However, students will progress more quickly through parts of the curriculum, allowing for greater breadth and depth of study. Students will receive homework that is adapted to support their learning and academic development.

Rye Advance Further Information

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