Overview of Department 

In Dance, we create bright futures for all by providing our students with further opportunities for self-expression through continued exploration of a wide range of cultures, experiences, perspectives, and the world in which we live. 

Curriculum Statement: Values and Aims 

Dance at Rye College, allows students to develop their confidence, creativity and team working skills. We are dedicated to promoting a vibrant, supportive learning environment where all students feel they can succeed. The Key Stage Three curriculum is built to be challenging both mentally and physically in-order-to encourage students to become thinking dancers. We aim to develop physical, expressive and technical dance skills through an endless variety of engaging activities.  

We teach imaginative units of work that include world dance, capoeira and themes that focus on professional dance works such as ‘The Car Man’ by Matthew Bourne. Units are designed to allow progression each term, and it is a fantastic platform for students wishing to take Dance further into GCSE. 

GCSE Dance 

Our school strongly supports and believes in the arts for the multitude of lifelong creative and expressive skills it provides for our students. So many of our students have been inspired by dance and this has led a great development in their confidence, problem solving and creative thinking.  

GCSE dance at Rye College continues to support the bright futures of many hard-working young dancers. Dance students will strengthen their physical and expressive skills through three areas of assessment that include performance, choreography and critical appreciation of dance. During the two-year course, students will develop skills in a range of dance styles, with a strong focus on contemporary dance.  Students will develop their skills in choreography and will have the opportunity to showcase their work in performances.  

Students will be studying six professional dance works, allowing students to develop their critical appreciation of dance as an art and an academic subject.  We do all that we can in-order-to provide the most exciting, creative and educational opportunities for our dancers. This includes workshops with outside companies, community performances and visits to see live professional works. 
Studying GCSE Dance opens a vast range of pathways for pursuing the performing arts.  

Knowledge Summaries - Dance

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