Study Zones at Hastings Libraries

East Sussex Libraries are piloting Study Zones at Hastings and Lewes Libraries, during the GCSE and A Level exam periods. These sessions will run Wednesdays, 3-6pm during closed hours to provide a quiet and comfortable space for students preparing for exams.

Students will have access to free wifi, computers and free printing during these sessions. Students must be over 15 and either bring or sign up for a library card to access services during these sessions.

For more information, and specific session dates please visit their website.

New DfE website on GCSE reforms

The DfE has launched a new website with more details about the further 20 reformed GCSEs. It includes information for parents, students, employers and anyone working in education. The homepage directs users to fact sheets for parents, employers, further and higher education institutions, which provide explanations of the new grading system and other information about the reforms. A short video to explain the changes is also included.

Rye College Summer 2020 GSCE Timetable

Year 11 Key Exam Information & Revision

Please take the time to look at the documents below; If you have any questions always speak to your subject teacher - remember there is no such thing as a silly question!

Biology     Chemistry     Combined Science     Computer Science     Engineering Design     English Language & Literature     

Geography     History     MFL     PE     Physics     The Arts

Exam Season Guidance & Tips

Information Documents

No Mobile Phones Poster - possession of mobile phones, mp3 players, digital storage devices, iWatches, iPads etc are all strictly prohibited in examinations. With the advent of smart watches and wrist-worn data storage devices, all wristwatches are also prohibited in examinations too.

Documents from the Joint Council for Qualifications website

Warning to Candidates Poster

Information for Candidates - Controlled Assessments

Information for Candidates - Coursework

Information for Candidates - Written Exams

Notice to parents and families:

All decisions relating to examination entry lie with the Head of College: these include withdrawal from specific examinations and tier entry level.

We ask families to support us...

Try to ensure that:

  • Your daughter/son gets a good night’s sleep before exams.
  • They know the start times of every exam that they are taking that day.

They have all the equipment they need:

  • At least 2 new black pens (blue pens are not allowed in JCQ controlled examinations), and 2 sharp pencils;
  • a rubber;
  • a ruler;

Sometimes they may also need:

  • a calculator (GCSE Maths Paper 2, and all science exams allow calculators);
  • a protractor;
  • a compass;
  • coloured pencils.

Pencil cases must be transparent.

Please also note:
Water is allowed in clear bottles with labels removed (no fizzy, no squash).

Sweets are only allowed in clear plastic bags, and without wrappers.

If your daughter/son is too ill to take their exam:
Inform the college immediately by leaving a message with the receptionist for the Exams Officer;

Take your child to their GP, explain that your daughter/son is too ill to take their exam and ask for a certificate or a note.

Ensure that the certificate is sent to the school as soon as possible, addressed to the Exams Officer with a covering note from you.

The school will then apply to the exam board for special consideration. In this way your child may gain a mark for the missed exam. Please note that this is not guaranteed and if granted will be an average assessed on your daughter/son’s previous performance.

Unauthorised absence from one of more examination:
Students who miss one or more examinations, owing to unauthorised absence, will be charged for the relevant entry fees.

College contacts:

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the college if you would like more help or advice to prepare your son or daughter for their GCSEs.

In the first instance, contact your son or daughter’s form tutor. You can also telephone your son/daughter’s subject teachers, who will be able to answer questions relating to preparation or to levels of entry.

Exams Results

GCSE Exams Results Day is Thursday 20th August 2020 at Rye College between 10am and 2pm

If you are on unable to attend on results day to pick up your results, they can be emailed to you providing you send an email to This email request can be made in advance and you must use your Rye College email account to do so. Requests from other email providers (e.g. hotmail, yahoo etc) will not be authorised. Your Rye College email accounts will remain active until after the summer holiday.

Students can collect their results between 10am and 2pm. If they wish to nominate a family member to collect them on their behalf, they will have to complete the attached form. WE CANNOT RELEASE RESULTS UNLESS THIS FORM IS COMPLETED. 

Exams Results Permission Form

Need more information?

Contact our Exam Officer Mr Williams


Exams Certificates are issued in the autumn, and due to the value and privacy attached, have to be signed for and collected in person. If you wish to allow a family member to collect these for you, please complete the attached form.WE CANNOT RELEASE CERTIFICATES UNLESS THIS FORM IS COMPLETED. 

Permission to Collect Exams Certificates

Need more information?

Contact our Exam Officer Mr Williams


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