As part of NHS Test & Trace, it is our intention to offer rapid testing to keep as many students and teachers as possible in school on their return – minimising the spread of the virus and disruption caused by coronavirus.

Who is being tested and why?

Testing is important because colleagues and young people without symptoms could be carrying the virus and may spread it to others. Testing colleagues and students will support us in operating as safely as possible.

New, simple and quick tests, known as the Lateral Flow Device (LFD), enable us to rapidly test colleagues and young people without the need for a laboratory.

We aim to:

  • Test as many secondary students as possible on their return to school – this means two LFDs three to five days apart;
  • Carry out weekly LFD testing of colleagues attending school;
  • Carry out daily contact LFD testing of secondary students and colleagues who are close contacts of a positive case for seven days.

Why is consent necessary?

Consent must be given by young people and colleagues to be tested in school. Taking part in the programme is voluntary, so individuals must consent to their test results being shared in accordance with the ‘Privacy Notice’. Everyone who wishes to participate must complete the ‘Consent Form’.

School-based NHS Test & Trace is a significant step forward in safely keeping young people and colleagues in school as much as possible. Individuals who do not participate in the programme must continue to follow UK Isolation Regulations.

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NHS Test & Trace Documents

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