"On Thursday 13th June we attended Beckley Primary School to provide a Science Workshop with years three, four, five and six.

We demonstrated a range of science experiments such as chromatography, food testing and looking down the microscope at various bacteria.

The pupils were really eager to and enthusiastic to participate and learn. We enjoyed working with them and it was a good way to test and expand our own science knowledge too!

We are thoroughly looking forward to our futures trips to primary schools all over the local area!"

- Isabelle, Yolanda, Emma, Lola and Abigail, Year 9 students

Beckley have since been in touch with us here at Rye College to thank Mrs Moore and our Year 9 students for 'an amazing morning jam packed full with science - the children loved it and were inspired by your Science Ambassadors - We were very impressed with their knowledge and the professional way they conducted themselves'. A huge well done goes to our Year 9 Science Ambassadors.

Primary Science Workshop