September 2020

We would like to outline a few key points for your preparations for the return of your children to Rye College on Thursday, 3rd September.


Students must return wearing the Rye College uniform. There will be a phased introduction of new uniform items from September 2020, when:

  • New Year 7 should wear the refreshed Peacocke uniform in full;
  • Year 8 and 9 can wear the purple uniform until they have grown out of it or items need replacing at which point Peacocke items should replace purple items;
  • Year 10 and 11 can remain in the purple uniform whilst stocks remain with our supplier after which a mixture of both uniforms can be worn should the need arise.

Furthermore, it is vital that students have all the relevant required equipment with them as we will need to restrict the sharing of stationery. Please visit our website page for further guidance.

Students will be required to wear their PE kit to school on the days that they are timetabled to have Physical Education. Changing rooms will not be used for the foreseeable future to avoid unnecessary cross contact. Students will be informed and provided with instructions via their tutors and timetables.

Thursday, 3rd September

All students are expected to return to school on the above date. Arrival for students will be staggered on this first day:

  • New Year 7s are to arrive for 9:00am and will meet their tutor team in the MUGA;
  • All other students are to arrive for 10:00am.

Students should go directly to the following meeting areas, where they will be met by their tutor team:

  • Year 8 - Tennis court
  • Year 9 - Main courtyard
  • Year 10 - Basketball area
  • Year 11 - Studio outside area

The initial focus of the day will establish the routines and procedures required to secure a safe education environment. Tutors will provide clear information and direction on how the school will run, and our expectations regarding behaviour within the school and classrooms to stay safe.

Students in Key Stage 3 will be taught in class bubbles while Key Stage 4 students will remain in designated teaching rooms unless to access specialist teaching rooms when required.

Friday, 4th September onwards

All students in all years should arrive via the back gates by 9 am and go directly to their designated tutor rooms. Students, who arrive earlier, can attend the breakfast club in the canteen, go to their designated break area or their designated tutor room.

Face Covering/Masks

The Government updated their advice relating to face coverings and masks on Wednesday, 26th August. Department for Education has stated:

“Nationwide, while the government is not recommending face coverings are necessary, schools will have the discretion to require face coverings in communal areas if they believe that is right in their particular circumstances.

In addition, the government will advise additional measures are taken in areas where the transmission of the virus is high. In these areas, defined as areas of national government intervention as listed on the government’s guidance will state face coverings should be worn by adults and pupils in secondary schools when moving around the school, such as in corridors and communal areas where social distancing is difficult to maintain. It will not be necessary to wear face coverings in the classroom, where protective measures already mean the risks are lower and where they can inhibit learning.”

Currently, the local area has a low rate of Covid-19 infection and transmission and, as a school, we have taken a number of precautions to minimise any risk, as outlined in previous correspondence to you and available on the website. Therefore, in line with the above government guidance, we will not be making the wearing of masks mandatory in any area of the school.

However, we recognise that some students will feel more comfortable wearing a face mask in the corridors and or in the classroom and we are happy for them to do so. In order for this strategy to be successful, it is vital that students wearing masks adhere to their safe use: keeping their mask in a sealed bag when not is use; ensure that it is cleaned thoroughly at the end of each day; or, use a separate one on the following day.

Please note that masks must be plain in appearance, with no logos or motifs and must be worn appropriately and sensibly.

We will of course review this decision in light of any updated government guidance and any changes in the local situation.

Please note that the College reception will be closed and families should contact the school via email or telephone to make an appointment.

Action Plan and Risk Assessment

Both our full re-opening Academy Action Plan and Risk Assessment can be found on the homepage of our website - - under the 'Coronavirus Parent Information' tab.

If you have any further questions or queries ahead of our full re-opening on Thursday 3rd September please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing