Student Leadership Team 2020/21

Student leadership is an opportunity for KS4 students to develop their leadership skills. They work hard to reflect the views of the student body by working with senior leadership and staff to bring about positive change, and help to enhance the positive experiences of students around the college day to day.

The Student Leadership Team do their best to promote Rye College in the community and develop positive relationships.

The first idea from the new team is to have boxes dotted around the school which will allow both staff and students to anonymously contribute queries and suggestions.

Meet the team


"Hi, I am Oli, I am an Assistant Head Student and I would like to focus on reducing bullying and the recycling bins throughout the school grounds."


"Hi, my name is Max and I would like to make more sports activities for all abilities of students and improve sports in PE​."


"My name is Lily, I am one of the head students and I would like to improve the schools RSHE lessons, display boards and the overall look if our college, making Rye more eco friendly and improving our sports teams."


"Hi, I'm Jean and I want to improve the school's impact on the environment through focus on littering and more green spaces."


"My name is Olivia and I want to focus on bringing more sports teams and charity work into our school."


"Hi, My name is Betty and I am one of the Head Students. I am interested in establishing more sports teams and looking into introducing self-defence classes."


"Hi I’m Ida. I want to focus on creating healthier options within the canteen and making mental health charities easier to access within the school."


"Hi, I'm Seb. As Deputy-Head Student I would like us to knuckle down and create more school sports teams and have after school matches. I would also like to develop a zero tolerance approach to any form of degradation eg. Racism, sexism, homophobia etc."


"Hi, my name is Sam and I am interested in creating safe spaces around the school for students to be able to go to.​"


"Hi, I'm Cougar. I believe I can make Rye College a happier place to be in."


"Hi, I'm Martha, one of the deputy head students and I aim to create a safe place for everyone, no matter who you are."

You can find out more about the Student Leadership Team and their plans for this academic year by viewing our Weekly Bulletin.