A guide to Enrichment Week 2023

We're delighted to offer our Key Stage 3 students a range of exciting opportunities during our annual Enrichment Week which is taking place between Monday 26th - Friday 30th June 2023. 
This gives students in Years 7 – 9 the opportunity to embark on a journey. This may be a journey to explore new places or a journey that explores hidden talents and skills. Above all, it is a chance to learn about themselves. A journey of self-discovery.
This is an exciting week where the curriculum is enriched by providing students with activities that cannot normally take place in an average day. 

Enrichment Week 2023 Overview

A range of enrichment activities, both here at school and local venues, will take place over the week. Friday 30th June will be an on-site celebratory event day at Rye College.

On-site Curriculum Pathways

On-site activities will be based around four pathways: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), Physical Education, Performance and Creative Arts. Students will participate in two curriculum pathways during the week. We will be inviting students to choose their pathway preferences via on online form. We will do our best to accommodate those choices based on an equal distribution of students in each pathway across the week.

Performing Arts 

The Performing Arts pathway is an opportunity to take part in a number of Variety Show style performing groups combining any number of the following: performance poetry, music (instrumental and singing), drama and dance. If you select this pathway you can combine as many of the different performing arts to work in a group to put together a short performance, either of your own original devised work, or from existing dances, musicals or musicians.

This might include:

  • Writing and performing your own performance poem;
  • Acting out and/or singing and/or dancing in a scene or musical number from an existing musical;
  • Taking part in solo or choral singing;
  • Creating your own band to perform a song.


Creative Arts

The Creative Arts pathway is an opportunity to take part in a number of group-based craft activities, and to work   collectively together to host an art exhibition.

Students will enjoy working within a range of different creative mediums which might include:

  • Designing pebble mandalas with acrylic paints;
  • Making air-dry clay ornaments;
  • Decorating glasswork;
  • Creating custom magnets;
  • Designing and screen printing canvas bags.

We hope to showcase our wares from the week via an exhibition and craft stall where students can sell their creations. This will take place at our end of Enrichment Week event day on Friday 30th June.


The STEM pathway is the perfect choice for students who are interested in exploring the exciting world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Students will enjoy an exciting experience full of opportunities including:

  • Designing, testing, tweaking, and racing rocket cars;
  • Looking at the International Space Station and learning about the maths involved in keeping it operational;
  • Calculating food portions for astronauts and participate in code-breaking activities;
  • Making balloon and water rockets and racing them in a competition.

It's a chance to get hands-on with STEM activities and explore the fascinating world of space and beyond.


Physical Education

The Physical pathway will be an opportunity for students to take part in practical activities and games which many would not have experienced before.

We have looked far and wide to find sports which have origins in different countries with cultural links and historical ties. Have you heard of some of the activities we will be offering?

  • kabaddi;
  • kinball;
  • danish long ball;
  • Teq ball.

We will also have a session on problem solving and team building using a variety of equipment on the field. Students of all practical abilities will have a part to play in developing game plans, strategies and tactics. All will have a focus on: team work, team building, leadership, resilience, problem solving and fun. A great physical day.

Off-site Enrichment Trips

Over the week, all students will have the opportunity to go on at least one off-site trip.

The trips have been chosen to provide students with fun, exciting and rewarding activities that develop new skills. All trips include coach travel to and from Rye College. Students will be invited to submit their trip preference as a priority 1, 2 and 3 choice via the online form that will be sent to families to complete.

Two off-site trips will take place each day on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to Go-Ape Bedgebury and Rye Water Sports. These trips will entail a range of activities led, co-ordinated and supervised by the venues’ trained staff. On Thursday, 29th June, 120 students from Years 7, 8 and 9 are offered the opportunity to visit Port Lympne Zoo. This trip will involve a tour of the wildlife park and the Dinosaur Forest. College staff will attend and support our students on all trips.

Go Ape - Bedgebury Pinetum

The Go Ape trip will entail a range of activities led, co-ordinated and supervised by the venues’ trained staff. Students will enjoying completing the award-winning Treetop challenge among the soaring pines of Bedgebury.


Rye Watersports

Students will enjoy watersports activities where they can enjoy the thrill and challenge of windsurfing, paddle boarding and sailing supervised by the venues's trained staff. A wonderful way for them to become water confident and learn a new skill.


Port Lympne Zoo

Students have the opportunity to visit Kent's largest wildlife park. This trip will involve a tour of the park and the Dinosaur Forest. Students will come face-to-face with hundreds of rare and endangered animals.


 * = price for students eligible for pupil premium. Only one subsidised trip per student.

Enrichment Week 2023 Booklet

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my child's trip and curriculum pathway choices?

Please complete the online form which will be emailed to all families to complete to make your preferences. Please contact the office you are having difficulties doing this. Please make sure you have submitted your choices by 05/05/2023

How do I pay for my child's trip place?

Trip places need to be paid in full via our online payment site ParentPay. Please contact the office if you need help with your log in details. We cannot accept cash or cheques.

Please note trip payments are non-refundable.

What is the date for final trip payments?

Trips need to be paid in full by 26/05/2023 for your child to participate on the trip. We will offer their place to a student on the trip waiting list if full payment is not received by this date. Please contact us with any difficulties in making this payment deadline.

What happens if my child changes their mind about their trip or pathway choices?

Due to restricted numbers on trips and in the on-site curriculum pathways, it will be very difficult to accommodate changes. We ask that you and your child think very carefully about what activities they would like to be be involved in - think about what they enjoy doing, ask their friends about their choices and read the overview information to understand what's involved.

What should my child wear on trip days?

Students can wear non uniform on trip days that are appropriate for the activity they are taking part in. For Rye Watersports, students will need to bring appropriate swimwear and a towel.

What do students need to remember for trip days?

Students must bring a packed lunch (those students eligible for Free School Meals will receive a packed lunch), water bottle, sun cream and hat depending on the weather.

What should my child wear for on-site pathway days?

Students should wear their normal school uniform or PE kit if they are participating in the PE pathway. Please remember sun cream and hats if we are experiencing warm weather.

All questions relating to enrichment week should be emailed to office@ryecollege.co.uk

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