E-motion: Free online counselling for young people

‘E-motion’ is an online counselling for young people aged 12 - 18 years who live in East Sussex. Schools are urged to let pupils know the service is available. Email: hello@e-motion.org.uk

E-motion was commissioned in response to feedback from young people in East Sussex and is in line with best practice in other parts of the country.

What are the benefits of online counselling?

There are many reasons but here are some that young people have mentioned:

“I didn’t have to get a lift to the appointment”……..”I could email when I wanted”….…“I felt I had more control over things”….… “I found it helped reading back the replies”… “I didn’t have to explain where I was going”…..…”I didn’t want anyone to know I was getting counselling”…… “ I’m not sure if I would’ve opened up so much if I was sitting with someone there”…..”I wanted to try some counselling”… “ I just needed someone to talk to during the holidays when I couldn’t see my counsellor”

How do young people get in touch with the online counselling?

For counselling, send the service an email at: hello@e-motion.org.uk and the young people will be invited to give some basic details about themselves. We can then make sure online counselling is the right service for them.  

To browse the website for information on the service: www.e-motion.org.uk

How does it work?

When a young person gets in touch, they are linked with their own online counsellor who will support them by email. If another service is better for them then online counselling service will help the young people find more information and where to get help.

Once the counsellor is linked with the young person they will explain how email counselling works and how they can work together to help with the young person’s concerns.

Will the counsellors tell anyone else what the young people might say?

What the young person says to their counsellor is confidential and they do not share anything with any other person or organisation. The only time they may need to speak to someone else is when they believe that a young person may be at risk of serious harm, but the counsellor will always talk their concerns through with the young person first.

Can young people have a one-off session with a counsellor or ask for advice or information?

Young people are welcome to email hello@e-motion.org.uk for information or a one-off session if they just want to check something out with a counsellor or ask a question. Or they can book a live instant messaging session and speak to a counsellor.

For more information visit www.e-motion.org.uk/resources or email at enquiries@e-motion.org.uk