Hi, I'm George!

I'm the Rye candidate of the East Sussex Youth Cabinet. On Tuesday 10th December, I went to the launch event at the county hall in Lewes. There we introduced ourselves and discussed the schedule for the forthcoming year. But before I detail to you on what happened, I shall answer the many questions I'm sure you have.

What is the Youth Cabinet?
The Youth Cabinet is a dedicated group of young people elected from all around the country working to improve the education and environments of students and children.

Each year, a range of topics are voted on by the younger generation on which issue is most vital to them at the time. The top two categories voted in will be put into the foremost importance of the East Sussex Youth Cabinet. This year, the main focuses are saving the environment and helping to solve the issue on knife crime.

What do they do?
Last year’s poll made mental health the top priority for the Youth Cabinet. To help this, the cabinet distributed various leaflets, including an information pack for parents on how to manage and be open to their children about mental wellbeing. They also filmed a mini documentary to help spread awareness on the subject.

This year the Youth Cabinet plan to do the same, and we meet again in January to begin the course on the subjects at hand.

I look forward to representing representing the Rye community in the near future!

Have a Merry Christmas!