Wednesday 18th December saw all Tutor Groups in Rye College donate to the Rye Food Bank.

Rye Food Bank are a wonderful group of volunteers who use their free time to give food to those who can't afford it for themselves in the hope that this makes life even just a little bit easier for those who visit them.

Recent studies show that there are over 2,000 Food Banks in operation nationally, and in the last year alone, 1.4 million people have gone to Food Banks for help, a figure that is rising each year proving that support is needed now more than ever.

Students were asked, if possible, to bring in any spare food they would like to donate. The only requirement was that the food was in date and that it was able to stay safe in a non-refrigerated environment. As seen in the picture above it was no surprise that the volunteers who collected the donations were overwhelmed by the quantity of food.

A massive thank you goes to every student, parent and family that donated!

For more information about the Rye Food Bank, please click here.